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Technical Specifications

TiN Coated and Hard Chrome Thread Gauges

TiN Coated Screw Plug Gauges

Titanium Nitride is a ceramic coating which is applied by pvd (Physical Vapour Deposition) to a high speed steel substrate. The coating is very hard (2300 HV 0.05), abrasion resistant and corrosion resistant, and is applied at a temperature of 500°C to the substrate.

Coating thickness is typically 2 to 5 microns.

The TiN coating is a ceramic, so when it is in direct contact with a ferrous component, there is no galling. Thus, wear life of the coated gauge is significantly higher… between 5 and 7 times the life of a conventional gauge, depending on application.

These high-performance, high-specification gauges are available from stock for standard sizes and on short lead times for make-to-order.

TiN coating has the additional benefit that, as the gauge wears, the TiN gold colour fades, providing a visual indication that the gauge is at the end of its wear life.