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Technical Specifications

Rok-It Gauges

ROK-IT gauges are simple go/no go gauges which are lightweight and easy to use.

Because of the plate design with spherically formed ends, Rok-it gauges can be presented to a bore at any angle with no problems of alignment and rocked over centre to check size.

If the 'go' end rocks over centre and the ‘no go’ stops, then the bore is within tolerance. Simple and quick, so gauging time is reduced to a minimum.

Rok-it can test

  • Barreling
  • Ovality
  • Taper
  • Blind bores
  • Recessed bores
  • Deep bores

and can be supplied to gauge product tolerances as low as 0.005mm

Gauge life is not a problem- unlike conventional plug gauges which slide up and down the bore to be tested, the simple rocking action usually means less contact, less friction and less wear.

All Rok-it gauges are available in high quality tool steel or with special hard-facing.

It should be noted that Rok-it gauges will not test for bore straightness or cylindricity

Rok-It Gauges

The self-aligning spherical form provides a quick and positive read-out, without searching for the high point - even with the gauge at an angle to the workpiece.

Rok-It Groove Gauges
  • Lift the sliding anvil by a turn of the knob...

  • ...and see immediately if the groove diameter is...
  • Within Tolerance

  • OR...

  • Undersize-
    –yes .040mm

  • OR...

  • Oversize-
    -yes .080mm