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Tin Coated Screw Plug Gauges

Tin Coated Screw Plug Gauges

The advantages of a Tin coated gauge is when it is in contact with ferrous components there is no galling, which then increases the wear life of the gauge. Approximately 5 to 7 times that of a conventional gauge.

Range Dia: 1 – 16mm

Tin Coated and Hard Chrome Thread Gauges Technical Specifications

Most Common Thread Forms:

  • UN & ISO 60°

Standards Go & No Go sizes as per the specification internal thread product tables
Special Go & No Go sizes for Pre-Plate or Pre-Heat (sizes must be advised)

Can be supplied as:

  • Single or Double Ended
  • Standard blanks only
  • Single start


Blank design is to BS1044:2008


  • 1 – 16mm / 0.040 – 5/8” Taperlock
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