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Taper Screw Ring Gauges

Taper Screw Ring Gauges

Screw Ring Gauges are manufactured as a one piece gauge.

Range Dia: As Specified in the Standards below

Most Common Thread Forms:

Specification Types
ANSI/ASME B1.20.1:1983 NPT L1 Basic Min-Max Min-Max-Basic
ANSI/ASME B1.20.5:1991 NPTF L1 Basic (No Step) Step Limit (4 Steps)
NPTF L2 Basic (No Step) Step Limit (4 Steps)
PTF-SAE LI (3 Steps)
PTF-SAE L2 (3 Steps)
MIL-P-7105 ANPT LI Basic Min-Max Min-Max-Basic
ANPT L2 Basic Min-Max Min-Max-Basic
BS21:1985 & ISO 7 ‘R’ System A & B
BS341 & DIN477 Gas Value Connections

Many other types can be manufactured

NPT Taper Plug and Ring Gauges Technical Specifications
Taper Plug and Ring Gauges to BS21 and ISO7/2 Technical Specifications

Special sizes for Pre-Plate or Pre-Heat (sizes must be advised)
Contact our sales office or submit drawings for special thread forms or blank design

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